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IDEA-HACK Innovation

Are you an entrepreneur, innovator, clinician, academic, patient or student interested in healthcare innovation? Our friends at EyeFocus Accelerator ( and Bioversity Hackathon ( together with us-ABOUNDARY are organising our next Idea Hack, focusing on developing new ideas in eye-care. An Idea Hack is rapid event where a diverse group of people interested in healthcare innovation get together and brainstorm new solutions for current problems. The practical part is combined with short workshops where participants learn more about Lean Startup Methodology.

The event is a valuable opportunity to explore how to create and develop new concepts in health, and to network with people from across the eye care and healthcare ecosystem. While this event will focus on eye-care innovation, it will be followed by other Idea Hacks focusing on different health verticals, such as diabetes, skincare, and diagnostics.

The EyeFocus Idea Hack will take place on Tuesday 23 February, and will be hosted at the RCA in Kensington. Attendees will include cutting edge entrepreneurs and innovators from the UK and beyond, as well as leading health corporations and academics. They will be joined by EyeFocus partners from Bayer Pharmaceuticals, RNIB, Fight for Sight, and many more organisations at the forefront of healthcare.

If you're interested in attending, you can sign up here

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